See Kate in Action

Kate recently spoke with Will Barron on his international ‘Salesman Podcast’ about a process for creating a more impactful sales pitch.

If you’re in sales, account management—or planning to deliver a team presentation soon—this video has some special content just for you. Even if you’re not, you can sit back and get a content-rich refresher on how to approach your next high-stakes presentation.

You’ll hear her talk in detail about:

  • Four critical “buckets of inquiry” that should guide your audience analysis (starts at 1:25)
  • Why articulating a communication objective—for yourself and your team—is so critical (jump to 17:00)
  • More audience-focused ways to think about structuring and supporting your presentation or high-stakes meeting (jump to 27:28)
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes when interacting with visual aids (jump to 39:36)