Speaking with Strategic Impact:  Four Steps to Extraordinary Presence & Persuasion

Speaking with Strategic Impact: Four Steps to Extraordinary Presence & Persuasion

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Genre: Business
Publisher: Delton Press
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 152 pages
ISBN: 9780998975900

Planning on delivering a TED Talk in the near future? Maybe not. But how can you bring that level of effectiveness into your real, everyday business presentations and meetings? What happens after you deliver the big concept? When it's all about getting it done—influencing stakeholders and updating senior management in meeting after meeting, while still staying on strategy? What’s the underlying professional discipline that can make ALL these interactions and presentations still engaging and impactful? (Hint: It’s the same underlying discipline we’ll help you apply in our training and coaching.)

Read all about it in Kate LeVan’s award-winning book, Speaking with Strategic Impact: Four Steps to Extraordinary Presence & Persuasion. It’s a how-to manual for real business people on the executive track.


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About the Book

Speaking with Strategic Impact is for business people who make their living—or their mark—through presentations long and short.

It’s a must-read if you’re a consultant, analyst, pitch team leader, roadshow executive, technology specialist, project manager, internal or external marketer, sales rep, subject matter expert or innovator.

Do your presentations unexpectedly fall flat? Do others hijack your meetings? Do you spend more time compiling slide decks than actually influencing decision-makers? Has someone vaguely told you that you “should look more confident up there” or that you “lack gravitas”? Have you watched TED Talks but wonder how you can bring that level of effectiveness into real business presentations?

Speaking with Strategic Impact gives you the key to leadership presence and persuasion. More than just tips and tricks, it outlines a discipline for navigating real business situations with consistently superior outcomes that’s favored by top business schools and Fortune 500 companies. You’ll get specific strategic and tactical advice to keep you on the mark in your presentations and meetings—and differentiate you from the vast majority of business presenters.

Read Speaking with Strategic Impact to master the means by which you make a living and a difference in the world!

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“I’m a big fan of Kate’s training and coaching—both for myself and for our people. Her approach is part of our executive development and her vocabulary is deeply embedded in our culture. If you don’t want to just talk the talk, but walk the walk too—read this book!”
– Laura Thompson, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
About the Author
Kate LeVan

Kate LeVan trains, coaches and collaborates on business communication effectiveness with major corporations worldwide and as an instructor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Her training consistently receives top ratings from executive development program participants for its simplicity, applicability and career-changing impact.

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