What We Offer

Communication strategies and skills to leverage every business opportunity

Tailored Training

LeVan Partners offers accelerated and proven development programs for executives and high-potential associates in the following core skill areas:

  • Presenting with Impact
  • Selling with Impact
  • Meetings with Impact
  • Perfect Pitch Planning and Execution
  • Communicating with Leadership Impact

These interactive programs can be tailored not only to your industry or team, but also to your executive development needs to build a curriculum. For example:

  • The “small group coaching” approach of LeVan Partners’ 2-day flagship training programs offers just the right combination of learning content, facilitated colleague discussion, individualized challenge plus personal feedback appropriate for experienced professionals on the executive track.
  • Half-day formats can be used
    • To give new managers and client-facing associates more confidence
    • To introduce more junior associates to a “professional discipline” around business communication
    • As a refresher for executives
  • For larger groups, Coaching Clinics can be added to the half-day format to create 1-day to 3-day programs that focus on specific skill-building opportunities for selected sub-groups or teams.

Contact LeVan Partners to design a training/coaching program that’s a strategic fit for your organization or team.

One-on-One Coaching

Skill-specific coaching

LeVan Partners coaching can be used to address all core skill areas—presenting, selling and influencing, meeting facilitation, pitch planning and leadership communication.  It offers a way to fill development gaps with the confidentiality and individually-paced learning sometimes preferred by senior managers.

Event-specific coaching

This type of coaching provides a “learning burst” of just-in-time support for those high-stakes situations that can make or break careers:  board meetings, conference presentations, town hall meetings, investor calls, media interviews and panels.  Give us the deadline.  We’ll get you up to speed.

Both types of coaching solutions may be implemented either as stand-alone engagements or as an effective follow-up complement to a LeVan Partners tailored training program.


Pitch team consulting

When the stakes are high for your sales team, hands-on consulting by LeVan Partners can get them to the finish line in first place.  We’ll help you apply winning strategies, processes, and persuasive techniques to build and maximize a team’s strengths and capitalize on any competitive opportunity.

Internal communications consulting

When your next change management initiative or product/service rollout demands better internal communication and processes, consult LeVan Partners first.  We’ll diagnose the breakdowns, identify the opportunities, then recommend—or help you implement—solutions that will change communication dynamics for the best business outcomes.